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Can Iran Be Trusted? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Nov 28, 2007 at 11:36 PM

Can Iran Be Trusted?

We must not forget that the Iranian President:
1. Denies the holocaust existed.
2. Sponsors terrorism and supplies terrorists with weapons that are killing our soldiers.
3. He has spoken out on the destruction of Israel and wants to wipe them out.
4. He has allowed public executions and many human rights violations.
5. He has refused for years to verify his nuclear program to the UN. Where is the UN intelligence the last 3 years? Iran is simply not to be trusted. These revelations show that he has been a liar for the past 3 years.
6. He was humiliated by Columbia University President Bolinger by being called "a petty and cruel dictator" and he said Amadeenajad is "simply ridiculous, brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated."
7. There is no need for Iran to have "peaceful" nuclear power when they have so much oil for energy. They still continue to enrich uranium and need to allow UN inspectors in.
8. Senator Biden says this hurts Bush's credibility. On the contrary, this intelligence should show us that Iran can't be trusted and that we are getting intelligence from people inside the country who are willing to speak out.
9. After hearing a dose of reality at Columbia, Chavez's loss and Sarkosy's win, he may be more willing to change his rhetoric. But he still can't be trusted. Like Reagan said, "Trust, but verify." He must stop funding the war in Iraq. Give Israel the right to exist and defend themselves.
10. Now for my opinion...the dems may try to use this to say our intelligence is in a shambles. This is not true. It shows our intelligence is working. With the war in Iraq improving, they may try to use this to attack the repubs. Iran is far from being able to be trusted.

he Bottom Line by Jennifer Palermo

We Must Win the War in Iraq and the War on Terror

Lately I have heard people say President Bush has been our worst president and former President Clinton said today, November 28, 2007, that the war in Iraq was a mistake.

Let me remind everyone:

1. Iraq was harboring terrorists and funding suicide bombers. Enough reason to go to war after 9/11.

 2. With the barrage against our president and the war for the last 2 years by the media- print and broadcast, is it any wonder his poll numbers are low?

3. What people fail to realize is that the terrorists not only want to kill the “so-called misguided republicans” they want to kill the democrats too. All of us. At the World Trade Center, Pentagon and on our air planes, they killed innocents, from all walks of life.

4. The very ones in Hollywood who criticize our policy would be the first to go. Radical Islam has no time for hedonism and debauchery.

5. As for women- if we are ever overthrown by radical extremists the women in America will be wearing burcas and not able to drive. We should be helping to protect the rights of the Iraqi women. Others knowledgeable have said Nancy Pelosi clearly defied the Logan Act by going to Syria, which should have lead to imprisonment of  three years and a heavy fine.

6. Iranian President Amadeenajad already stupidly said he will fill the vacuum in Iraq. Is that what we want? For him to control the Middle East oil? Hillary says the first thing she will do is carefully bring the troops home from Iraq. Is that a winning strategy? I think not. A friend from Iran told me the Iranian people do not hate us. They are afraid of their president.

7. In spite of constant attacks in the media and by the democratic candidates, we still have brave men and women who volunteer and put their lives on the line to protect us and they are still enlisting. Brave Iraqis are standing up. The surge is working.

8. Our system is not perfect. Imperfect people do inhumane things as witnessed at Abu Ghrab and improvements at our medical hospitals were overdue. But we have learned from our mistakes.

9. God bless Tony Blair and our allies who have stood with us in spite of great odds against them. He gets it. So does Sarkozy. Blair told newscaster Brian Williams that the peace process is difficult, but he did not give up on the peace process in Ireland. That is what leaders do.

10. If we are ever to get an upper hand on the war on terror, we must free ourselves from dependency on foreign oil. We must drill on our land. Sooner than later. We must win the war on terror and sacrifice to do so.  

My  wish this Christmas- 1. Oil independence. 2 National Unity 3. We take the War on Terror seriously. 4. Stability and peace in the world, safety for our troops and wisdom for our leaders.

Last Updated ( Oct 09, 2009 at 08:50 AM )
The Bottom Line:Middle East Imperative PDF Print E-mail
Written by jim cash   
Oct 16, 2007 at 07:13 PM

The Bottom Line

Following is an article written by Jim Cash Brig. Gen Retired USAF and comments by two men. Take time to read this if you care about the future of America.

"This is one of the most profound articles that I have ever read about this  Presidency, this era and this so-called war. Everything this man says makes  perfect  sense.
No matter your politics, you owe it to yourself to read and pass on so we all are  informed of what's going on in our world!

    Another assessment of where the US stands in relation to the Middle East  problems,  this one is from the guy who had his finger on the nuclear  trigger for three years as head of our defense and response complex buried  under Cheyenne Mountain at Colorado Springs. He was the only person who  could initiate a nuclear attack after advising the sitting president of a  missile launch by our enemies and our need to respond. No political or  civilian type in the US had more knowledge about day to day military actions  around the world.  Everyone should find quiet time to read this. As far  as I am concerned, it is exactly the direction we should go and the  consequences of not doing so are well thought out."

John R.  (Jack) Farrington Major General, USAF (Retired)


Middle  East  Imperative

BY:  JIM CASH, Brig.  Gen., USAF, Ret.

    I wrote recently about the war in Iraq and the larger war against radical  Islam, eliciting a number of responses.  Let me try and put this conflict in proper perspective.
    Understand, the current battle we are engaged in is much bigger tha
n just Iraq. What happens in the next year will affect this country and how our kids and grandkids live throughout their lifetime, and beyond. Radical Islam has been attacking the West since the seventh century. They have been defeated in the past and decimated to the point of taking hundreds of years to  recover.  But they can never be totally defeated. Their birth rates are so far beyond civilized world rates that in time they recover and attempt to  dominate again.
     There are eight terror-sponsoring countries that make up the grand threat to  the West.  Two , Saudi Arabia and Pakistan , just need firm pressure  from the West to make major reforms.  They need to decide who they are  really going to support and commit to that support.  That answer is  simple.  They both will support who they think will hang in there until  the end, and win. We are not sending very good signals in that direction  right now, thanks to the Democrats.
    The other six,  Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Libya will require regime  change or a major policy shift.  Now, let's look more  closely.  

  Afghanistan and  Iraq have  both had regime changes, but are being fueled by outsiders from Syria and  Iran  We have scared Gaddafi's pants off, and he has given up his  quest for nuclear weapons, so I don't think Libya is now a  threat.

    North Korea (the  non-Islamic threat) can be handled diplomatically by buying them off.   They are starving.  That leaves Syria and  Iran. Syria  is like a frightened puppy.  Without the support of Iran they will join  the stronger side.  So where does that leave us?  Sooner, or  later, we are going to be forced to confront Iran, and it better be  before  they gain nuclear capability.
    In 1989 I served as a Command Director inside the Cheyenne Mountain complex  located in Colorado Springs, Colorado for almost three years. My job there  was to observe (through classified means) every missile shot anywhere in the  world and assess if it was a threat to the US or Canada.  If any shot  was threatening to either nation I had only minutes to advise the President,  as he had only minutes to respond.  

I watched  Iran and Iraq shoot missiles at each other every day, and all day long, for  months.  They killed hundreds of thousand of their people.  Know  why? They were fighting for control of the Middle East and that enormous oil  supply. At that  time, they were preoccupied with their internal problems and could care less  about toppling the west.  Oil prices were fairly stable and we could  not see an immediate threat.  Well, the worst part of what we have done  as a nation in Iraq is to do away with the military capability of one of  those nations.  Now, Iran has a clear field to dominate the Middle  East, since Iraq is no longer a threat to them. They have turned their  attention to the only other threat to their dominance, they are convinced  they will win, because the US is so divided, and the Democrats (who now  control Congress and may control the Presidency in 2008) have openly said we  are pulling out.

Do you  have any idea what will happen if the entire Middle East  turns their  support to Iran , which they will obviously do if we pull out?  It is  not the price of oil we will have to worry about.  Oil WILL NOT BE  AVAILABLE to this country at any price.  I personally would vote for  any presidential candidate who did what JFK did with the space  program---declare a goal to bring this country to total energy independence  in a decade.

    Yes, it is about oil.  The economy in this country will totally die if  that Middle East supply is cut off right now.  It will not be a  recession. It will be a depression that will make 1929 look like the  "good-old-days". The bottom line here is simple.  If Iran is forced to  fall in line, the fighting in Iraq will end over night, and the nightmare  will be over.

    One way or another, Iran must be forced to join modern times and the global  community.  It may mean a real war---if so, now is the time, before we  face a nuclear Iran with the capacity to destroy Israel and begin a new ice  age. I urge you to read the book "END GAME" by two of our best Middle East  experts, true American patriots and retired military generals, Paul Vallely  and Tom McInerney.  They are our finest, and totally honest in their  assessment of why victory in the Middle East is so important, and how it can  be won.  Proceeds for the book go directly to memorial fund for our  fallen soldiers who served the country during the war on terror.  You  can find that book by going to the internet through Stand-up America at <>  or <>
    On the other hand,  we have several very angry retired generals today, who evidently have not  achieved their lofty goals, and insist on ranting and raving about the  war.  They are wrong, and doing the country great harm by giving a  certain political party reason to use them as experts to back their anti-war  claims.

    You may be one of those who believe nothing could ever be terrible enough to  support our going to war.  If that is the case I should stop here, as  that level of thinking approaches mental disability in this day and  age.  It is right up there with alien abductions and high altitude  seeding through government aircraft contrails.  I helped produced those  contrails for almost 30 years, and I can assure you we were not seeding the  atmosphere.  The human race is a war-like population, and if a country  is not willing to protect itself, it deserves the  consequences.

    Now, my last comments will get to the nerve.  They will be on politics.  I am not a Republican.  And, George Bush has made enough mistakes as  President to insure my feelings about that for the rest of my life. However,  the Democratic Party has moved so far left, they have made me support those  farther to the right.  I am a conservative who totally supports the  Constitution of this country.  The only difference between the United  States and the South American, third world, dictator infested and  ever-changing South American governments, is our US  Constitution.

    This Republic (note I did not say Democracy) is the longest standing  the  world has ever known, but it is vulnerable.  It would take so  little to  change it through economic upheaval.  There was a time  when politicians could disagree, but still work together.  We are past  that time, and that is the initial step toward the downfall of our form of  government.

    I think that many view Bush-hating as payback time.  The  Republicans hated the Clinton's and now the Democrats hate Bush.  So,  both parties are putting their hate toward willingness to do anything for  political dominance to include lying and always taking the opposite stand  just for the sake of being opposed.  JUST HOW GOOD IS THAT FOR OUR  COUNTRY?
     In my lifetime, after serving in uniform for President's Kennedy, Johnson,  Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush I have a pretty good feel for which  party supported our military, and what military life was like under each of  their terms.  And, let me assure you that times were best under the  Republicans.

    Service under Jimmy Carter was devastating for all branches of the military.  And, Ronald Regan was truly a salvation.  You can choose to listen to  enriched newscasters, and foolish people like John Murtha (he is no war  hero), Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda , Harry Reid,  Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and on-and-on to include the  true fools in Hollywood if you like.  If you do, your conclusions will  be totally wrong.  

    The reason that I write, appear on radio talk shows, and do everything I can  to denounce those people is simple.  THEY ARE PUTTING THEIR  THIRST  FOR POLITICAL POWER AND QUEST FOR VICTORY IN 2008 ABOVE WHAT IS  BEST FOR THIS COUNTRY.  I cannot abide that. Pelosi clearly defied the  Logan Act by going to Syria , which should have lead to imprisonment of  three years and a heavy fine.  
Jane  Fonda did more to prolong the Vietnam war longer than any other human being  (as acknowledged by Ho Chi Minh in his writing before he died). She truly  should have been indicted for treason, along with her radical husband, Tom  Hayden, and forced to pay the consequences.
   This  country has started to soften by not enforcing its laws, which is another  indication of a Republic about to fall.  All Democrats, along with the  Hollywood elite, are sending us headlong into a total defeat in the Middle  East, which will finally give Iran total dominance in the  region. A lack  of oil in the near future will be the final straw that dooms this  Republic.  However, if we refuse to let this happen and really get  serious about an energy self-sufficiency program, this can be avoided.   I am afraid, however, that we are going in the opposite direction.  If  we elect Hillary Clinton and a Democrat controlled congress, and they carry  through with allowing Iran to take control of the Middle East, continue to  refuse development of nuclear energy, refuse to allow drilling for new oil,  and continue to do nothing but oppose everything Bush, it will be over in  terms of what we view as the good life in the USA  .
     Now, do I think that all who do not support  the war are un-American -- of course not.  They just do not understand  the importance of total victory in that region.

    Another failure of George Bush is his inability to explain to the American  people why we are there, and why we MUST win.  By the way, it is not a  war.  The war was won four years ago.  It is martial law that is  under attack by Iranian and Syrian outside influences, and there is a  difference.

    So, what do I believe?  What is the bottom line?  I will simply  say that the Democratic Party has fielded the foulest, power hungry,   anti-country, self absorbed group of individuals that I have observed in my  lifetime. Our educational system is partially to blame for allowing the mass  of America to be taken in by this group.  George Bush has done the best  he can with the disabilities that he possesses.

    A President must communicate with the people.And, I would tell you that  Desert Storm spoiled the people.  Bush Senior's 100-hour war convinced  the people that technology has progressed to the point that wars could be  fought with no casualties and won in very short periods of time.  I  remember feeling at the time, that this was a tragedy for the US  military.  To win wars, you must put boots on the ground. When you put  boots on the ground, soldiers are going to die.  A President must make  the war decision wisely, and insure that the cause is right before using his  last political option.  However, CONTROLLING IRAN AND DEMOCRATIZING THE  MIDDLE EAST IS THE ONLY CHOICE IF WE ARE HELL-BENT ON DEPENDING ON THEM FOR  OUR FUTURE ENERGY NEEDS.
Jimmy L.  Cash, Brig.  Gen.,  USAF, Ret.
Lakeside , Montana 59922

"I'll  tell you what war is all about, you've got to kill people, and when you've  killed enough they stop fighting." Gen. Curtis LeMay


The one thing he fails to address  is Russia.  Russia is providing Iran with all the  nuclear supplies and technology that Iran can pay for.  Most of Europe  believe Russia is doing this because they are strapped for cash.  But  in my opinion Putin has much more in mind.  He intends to join Iran in  an attach on Israel.  Which will bring the whole mid-east into a war  and the west will be forced to be involved because we need their oil.   Watch Russia very carefully!




Last Updated ( Oct 16, 2007 at 07:45 PM )
We Will Never Forget PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Sep 10, 2007 at 06:15 PM


We Will Never Forget

Last Updated ( Sep 11, 2008 at 06:31 AM )
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Jul 03, 2007 at 03:55 PM


Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12


Following is from a message by Reverend Dave Bailey from Ranch Hope on his reflections on Independence Day.


According to Reverend Bailey, America is a blessed nation that has freedom of religion not freedom from religion. Scriptures are on many of our government buildings. The Ten Commandments are on the door and wall of the US Supreme Court. At the top of the Washington Monument is the inscription “Praise God.”


All of our presidents have been sworn in on the Bible and place their finger on a meaningful verse. President Eisenhower used Ps. 33:12  "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” President Lincoln used Rev. 16:7 “True and righteous are your judgments.” President Garfield, who was an ordained minister, used Prov. 21:1 “The King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord.” Teddy Roosevelt placed his finger on James 1:22 “Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.” President Wilson used Matt. 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers” and Ps. 119:97 “How I love your law, I meditate on it day and night.”


The Bible is accessible in our nation yet many people never read it. There was a day when the Bible was chained to the pulpit and only the priests were allowed to read it!


We also have freedom to evangelize and freedom to worship as we choose. In many parts of the world like Iraq and China, Christians are persecuted. Rev. Bailey showed the influence one man can have on another. Tory influenced Dwight Moody. Moody influenced Billy Sunday. Billy Sunday influenced Billy Graham. Billy Graham has influenced millions.


Rev Bailey remembered seeing a billboard by the Marines that said, “Nobody likes to fight, but somebody better know how.” Although no one likes war, thankfully in our country we have a well-trained military. Bailey challenged the Christians that not everyone shares their faith with others but somebody better know how.


As we reflect on the 4th of July and our freedoms, let’s appreciate our great country and the cost that was paid for our freedoms.

Last Updated ( Jan 21, 2009 at 05:35 PM )
Dr. Falwell Remembered PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
May 20, 2007 at 07:06 AM

Dr. Falwell Remembered

Dr. Jerry Falwell was a great Christian leader and had a tremendous impact on my life. Both of my children attended Liberty University from 1993 – 2000, which is a Division I Christian University in Lynchburg, Virginia. When I heard Dr. Falwell speak at the parent orientation, I was impressed with his knowledge of a wide range of issues, including international politics.

Our daughter was accepted to many (6) state and private colleges and received a full scholarship to Montclair University in NJ. After visiting Liberty in the spring of her senior year with her girlfriend Takemma, they both decided to go to Liberty.

Liberty has a beautiful campus with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop. At the time there was a strict dress code where girls had to wear dresses or skirts to class and guys had to wear ties. This did not deter her interest in the school. During a freshman Speech Class she was invited to join the Debate Team.

Dr. Falwell had strong convictions and was a big supporter of debate and made many scholarships available to make Liberty one of the top debate teams in the country. Liberty has been ranked #1 in debate for many years, including two when Amy debated against the top colleges including George Washington, the Naval Academy, Wake Forest and many others. Thanks to Falwell and her hard work, she received a full scholarship her senior year!

Through this university many students have been equipped to be strong Christians in whatever field they are in. My daughter met her husband at Liberty. He now has a PhD in Philosophy and she has taught High School and College level English. Liberty now has a Law School and will be opening an Engineering School in the fall.

Our son also attended Liberty and got a Business degree and studied to be a Youth Pastor. Through Liberty he learned leadership skills by being a prayer leader and volunteering at the downtown soup kitchen. He also learned sign language. Both have lifelong friends that they met a Liberty.

Dr. Falwell brought in many top leaders in our country to speak to the students. Billy Graham’s grandson Will graduated with my daughter in 1997, and Dr. Graham spoke to the graduating class.

Dr. Falwell had a great sense of humor which my daughter recalls when she was out to dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Lynchburg for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Everyone was dressed very fancy. In walks Falwell with his wife and he is wearing a Halloween mask! Of course, he puts a smile on everyone’s face.

I will fondly remember Liberty University, Dr. Falwell and all that their wonderful professors and staff taught my children about life and serving others. Thank you Dr. Falwell. May you rest in peace.

Last Updated ( May 20, 2007 at 07:45 AM )
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