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Friday, February 28 2020
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Amazing Guitarist Michael Card Brings Worship to the Seashore Resort PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Jun 09, 2008 at 08:05 PM
Amazing Guitarist Michael Card Brings Worship to the Seashore Resort

Gospel singer and songwriter Michael Card brought his incredible musical talent and many instruments to the Ocean City Tabernacle for a special free concert last Sunday night. Card plays guitar, octave mandolin, piano and banjo and has made 22 CDS and written over 200 songs! Most people will know him by the famous El Shaddai that Amy Grant had as a hit.  He was accompanied by Jeff Taylor who plays accordion, piano, recorder and flute. Amazingly Taylor is well versed in the over 200 songs that Michael has written and played along quite well with each song.

Card is an impressive guitar player and his songs are exactly like he performs them on his CDs. He also introduced us to the octave mandolin, (left) which he calls his “bazooka”, only not when he is checking in on his flight!

Card has a vast knowledge of the Bible and shares his knowledge on his podcast radio show available from his website  He has written 19 #1 singles and co-authored 16 books. His father was a Baptist minister and he owns his grandfather’s Bible which he says unfortunately doesn’t have any markings in it. He has made it a point to give each of his 4 children their own Bible with notes and lessons about special verses that have meaning to him in his hand writing.

In his concert he went through the Bible with songs from different parts, Genesis to Revelations. He encouraged everyone to read thru the Bible each year. “Genesis Rocks,” he said, “It’s like Spielberg,”… “and Exodus-the parting of the Red Sea!” I was surprised at how many of the songs I knew, but didn’t know he was the author.

He started the concert in Genesis with Pages in the Book, El Shaddai, and Abraham, about calling his son Isaac, meaning “laughter” because how funny that an old man should have a son. Abraham trusts that God will provide the sacrifice, so he won’t have to kill his son. Then he sang another favorite, “Year of Jubilee.

Card grew up in a black church in Nashville. He observed in the old songs, slaves referred to Jesus as “Master,” because they wanted their own Masters to know they had another Master. They were proud to be slaves of Christ, servants. Card noted the word “Lord” means owner. Card said, “Everyone is going to be a slave to something?” “Whose slave are you going to be?” he asked, singing the song Better Freedom.

The duo performed a beautiful rendition of the 23rd Psalm with an octave mandolin, which is an 8-string mandolin with a lower octave, along with a recorder.  It was a real treat to sing along to a hymn sing to hymns Praise to the Lord, Just as I Am and Walk with Me Lord, which is the favorite song of his friend Denny, a former Black Panther, who is dying of cancer.

He ended the concert with songs from the Gospels and Revelations asking the poignant question, why did he choose to die? He wrote his own version of Psalm 51, confessing his foolish lies, but “still he will not walk away from the Lord, even though he made the man of sorrows sorry.”

The Tabernacle took a love offering for Michael Card for his generosity of sharing his gift of music with those in attendance. Some future events coming to the Tabernacle include the von Trapp Children on June 18, 7 pm, tickets $25 at door. Free concerts for Jazz pianist James Ward- August 10 - 7 pm, a harpist on Aug. 17 - 7 pm, and Phillip Yancey on Sept. 14 - 8:30 & 10:30 am, author of Disappointment with God.

Check out the Tabernacle’s Full Schedule 399-1915

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