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Saturday, October 20 2018
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“Give until it feels good!”
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Dec 23, 2007 at 07:48 AM

At this time of year as we gather with family and friends,

let’s remember the homeless and those who help them every day of the year.”

Please donate to the

Salvation Army

22 S. Texas Ave.

Atlantic City, NJ 08401



Atlantic City Rescue Mission

2009 Bacharach Blvd.

Atlantic City, NJ 08404

(609) 345-5517

“Give until it feels good!”

go to:
Last Updated ( Nov 24, 2008 at 03:41 PM )
Can Iran Be Trusted?
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Nov 28, 2007 at 11:36 PM

Can Iran Be Trusted?

We must not forget that the Iranian President:
1. Denies the holocaust existed.
2. Sponsors terrorism and supplies terrorists with weapons that are killing our soldiers.
3. He has spoken out on the destruction of Israel and wants to wipe them out.
4. He has allowed public executions and many human rights violations.
5. He has refused for years to verify his nuclear program to the UN. Where is the UN intelligence the last 3 years? Iran is simply not to be trusted. These revelations show that he has been a liar for the past 3 years.
6. He was humiliated by Columbia University President Bolinger by being called "a petty and cruel dictator" and he said Amadeenajad is "simply ridiculous, brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated."
7. There is no need for Iran to have "peaceful" nuclear power when they have so much oil for energy. They still continue to enrich uranium and need to allow UN inspectors in.
8. Senator Biden says this hurts Bush's credibility. On the contrary, this intelligence should show us that Iran can't be trusted and that we are getting intelligence from people inside the country who are willing to speak out.
9. After hearing a dose of reality at Columbia, Chavez's loss and Sarkosy's win, he may be more willing to change his rhetoric. But he still can't be trusted. Like Reagan said, "Trust, but verify." He must stop funding the war in Iraq. Give Israel the right to exist and defend themselves.
10. Now for my opinion...the dems may try to use this to say our intelligence is in a shambles. This is not true. It shows our intelligence is working. With the war in Iraq improving, they may try to use this to attack the repubs. Iran is far from being able to be trusted.

he Bottom Line by Jennifer Palermo

We Must Win the War in Iraq and the War on Terror

Lately I have heard people say President Bush has been our worst president and former President Clinton said today, November 28, 2007, that the war in Iraq was a mistake.

Let me remind everyone:

1. Iraq was harboring terrorists and funding suicide bombers. Enough reason to go to war after 9/11.

 2. With the barrage against our president and the war for the last 2 years by the media- print and broadcast, is it any wonder his poll numbers are low?

3. What people fail to realize is that the terrorists not only want to kill the “so-called misguided republicans” they want to kill the democrats too. All of us. At the World Trade Center, Pentagon and on our air planes, they killed innocents, from all walks of life.

4. The very ones in Hollywood who criticize our policy would be the first to go. Radical Islam has no time for hedonism and debauchery.

5. As for women- if we are ever overthrown by radical extremists the women in America will be wearing burcas and not able to drive. We should be helping to protect the rights of the Iraqi women. Others knowledgeable have said Nancy Pelosi clearly defied the Logan Act by going to Syria, which should have lead to imprisonment of  three years and a heavy fine.

6. Iranian President Amadeenajad already stupidly said he will fill the vacuum in Iraq. Is that what we want? For him to control the Middle East oil? Hillary says the first thing she will do is carefully bring the troops home from Iraq. Is that a winning strategy? I think not. A friend from Iran told me the Iranian people do not hate us. They are afraid of their president.

7. In spite of constant attacks in the media and by the democratic candidates, we still have brave men and women who volunteer and put their lives on the line to protect us and they are still enlisting. Brave Iraqis are standing up. The surge is working.

8. Our system is not perfect. Imperfect people do inhumane things as witnessed at Abu Ghrab and improvements at our medical hospitals were overdue. But we have learned from our mistakes.

9. God bless Tony Blair and our allies who have stood with us in spite of great odds against them. He gets it. So does Sarkozy. Blair told newscaster Brian Williams that the peace process is difficult, but he did not give up on the peace process in Ireland. That is what leaders do.

10. If we are ever to get an upper hand on the war on terror, we must free ourselves from dependency on foreign oil. We must drill on our land. Sooner than later. We must win the war on terror and sacrifice to do so.  

My  wish this Christmas- 1. Oil independence. 2 National Unity 3. We take the War on Terror seriously. 4. Stability and peace in the world, safety for our troops and wisdom for our leaders.

Last Updated ( Oct 09, 2009 at 08:50 AM )
Giada Cooks Up Fun on Stage
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Nov 20, 2007 at 02:46 PM

Giada Cooks Up Fun on Stage

Giada De Laurentiis was a breath of fresh air when she stepped on stage at Caesar’s in Atlantic City this past weekend. Giada is the host of Everyday Italian, Behind the Bash and Weekend Getaways on the Food Network, has authored many cookbooks and is a contributor on the Today Show. Giada is a professional chef and attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, but her success behind the camera has made her a popular national figure. She combines sex appeal and a bubbly persona as she cooks her favorite Italian dishes.


Giada brought audience members on stage to cook 2 dishes with her, answered many questions from the audience and took time to sign books. Giada talked about being pregnant, she is due is April, and said the best advice she has gotten is not to tell anyone the name they pick because then she will hear people’s opinions of the name. Jade is what Giada means in Italian, which I told her is a beautiful name.

When I said hi to her afterwards, she thanked me for asking the first question when she was on stage. She said her husband Todd is a fashion designer for Anthropologie. He didn’t join her on stage, but waved to everyone from the back of the room. She also said she is bicoastal right now, since she is doing the Today Show. When she started her show she stayed on the West Coast near her family and friends who occasionally join her on the set. She wanted her real friends, not ones brought in, to appear on the show.

Butternut squash lasagna and ciabatta chestnut stuffing are her Italian dishes for Thanksgiving and for Christmas they will be joining 30 – 40 family members for a covered dish dinner at her grandfather’s house. Giada likes pinot grigio with turkey and said she grew up calling spaghetti “sauce” not gravy which “you eat at Thanksgiving,” though some Italians call it “spaghetti gravy.” She said to her sauce is cooked fast and gravy is cooked a long time like a ragu.

She asked the audience what were some of their favorite recipes she makes and talked about her meatballs with dark turkey meat and prepared her fettuccine with heavy cream and 4 egg yolks. She prefers to enjoy quality ingredients and just eat less that to scrimp on ingredients and then not be satisfied and over eat.

Her on stage participants browned pancetta, helped boil the pasta and chopped chives while she cooked. She recalled how Oprah asked her recently how she stays so thin while being a chef. Her advice was 1. To maintain portion control, (she eats small portions of her food).  2. To stay active and 3. She contributes some to genetics, (how you were born) but that portion control is the most important.

Some of her favorite dishes are raspberry tira mi su and pizetti, which are small pizzas that she serves at parties and sets out all the toppings for her guests to make their own. She also recommends making her small meatballs, placing toothpicks in them and serving them as hors d’oeuvres.  

She has been lucky not to have morning sickness and looked great in her short smock dress and boots. When I got up close to get an autograph, she was even more beautiful up close. From a shy chef behind the camera to a star who graciously greeted her fans and took pictures with some of the younger kids in the audience, her film-producer grandfather and family must be so proud of their reluctant superstar! She must be on top of the world with all her success, a great husband and baby on the way. All the best Giada! Keep on cookin’!

Last Updated ( Nov 20, 2007 at 06:00 PM )
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