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Saturday, October 20 2018
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The Jersey Shore with the Grandkids! As good as it gets!
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Jul 22, 2007 at 07:48 PM

The Jersey Shore with the Grandkids! As good as it gets!

Recently we spent 2 weeks enjoying the Jersey Shore through the eyes of our grandchildren. My husband and I both grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey and like all locals we spent our summers at the beach. Of course that was before beach tags and beach erosion. We were lucky enough to raise our own children here as well. Now my daughter lives in the Midwest with her husband and two little children and so we got to enjoy having the grandkids see the beach and boardwalk for the first time!

Of course, we spoiled them with ice cream cones, Mack and Manco’s Pizza, Johnson’s Popcorn, the rides and much more. We taught them to build drip castles, jump the waves and all the ins and outs of the local playground.

I now own a double stroller, two high chairs, a potty chair and a pack n play- all necessities for the kids. I learned to make instant rice cereal again and stocked up on bananas, waffles, veggies, and jars of baby food. I also polished up on “Where is Thumbkin?”

One morning we all rose early and went to the boardwalk to rent a surrey to ride along the boardwalk on a picture perfect day. After an hour we headed to Bob’s Grill for breakfast, a landmark since we were kids. There is something special about eating there, right on the boardwalk, with light breezes of fresh salt air coming in the open air restaurant. We even saw the original owner Bob Harbaugh.

After breakfast we headed to the beach. It is always important to go to a beach with a bathroom nearby. That is why 2nd, 12th, 34th and 59th are our favorite beaches in Ocean City. We jumped the waves, applied sunscreen, and dug in the sand. Something we haven’t done in a while. Pictured is 1 year old Matt, after a long hard day at the beach!

One night we all headed to the rides with my parents along as well.  Amy and Grace were on their first ride when we got the news they were closing Wonderland for a safety check and to come back in an hour. We took a walk and got some ice cream but after an hour and they still weren’t open we headed home. Only to find out the next day that an off-duty police officer had lost his small pistol somewhere and was not sure if it was on the rides. After a day someone came forward to say that she took the gun from one of the rides thinking it was a toy gun and even shot it into the dunes. Well we were all pretty lucky nothing bad happened with that gun. I am still amazed that the officer was not disciplined by the Philadelphia Police Dept. We did go back another night and enjoyed the Merry Go Round, the bears, the boats and Dumbo again.

We also took a trip to the Pier at Caesar’s in Atlantic City to shop, watch the water show and have lunch. My daughter was really glad we went, even though it took extra effort with two kids. We used valet parking and ate at the Pier at Piazza di Giorgio Cafe, on the third floor, where you can get everything from cheese steaks to smoothies to Chinese to beautiful salads all at good prices and quick service!

We also found time to swim in the pool, have a tea party, eat Ward’s cinnamon buns and have Matt’s 1st Birthday Party! We didn’t get to the Cape May County Zoo or Lucy the Elephant. But there will be more summer’s to come and more opportunities to live like a kid again.

My favorite thing to see is fathers digging in the sand with their kids. It’s a time for dads to lose the suit and tie and for them to give their kids undivided attention. For kids it is about as good as it can get!

Last Updated ( Jul 23, 2007 at 12:28 PM )
Girl Power ‘Dancin’in the Streets’ in Wildwood!
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Jul 10, 2007 at 10:09 AM

Girl Power ‘Dancin’in the Streets’ in Wildwood!


The ‘Girl Power’ Concert brought the house down Saturday night at the Wildwood Convention Center with the great song “Dancin’ in the Streets.” The finale had all the performers on stage from Mary Wilson of the Supremes to The Angels to The Dixie Cups to Nedra Talley Ross of The Ronettes to The Shirelles.


The energy in the place was a resurrection of those 60’s girl bands who came to Wildwood to strut their stuff and pass their music on to younger generations as well as their long time fans. DJ Harvey Holiday said the importance of passing this music on to our grandchildren so this music will not be forgotten.


The concert was hosted by Joey M, the originator of the event as well as Philadelphia DJ legends Harvey Holiday, 98.1 fm, and Lou Costello. The Angels (left) started off the night singing their hits “Cry Baby Cry,”  “Til” and “My Boyfriend’s Back.” Peggy and Jiggs looked like they were having a great time swaying and remembering the early years. They also said they are mentioned in the Broadway show “Jersey Boys.”


The Dixie Cups (left) were up next and brought back great memories with “Chapel of Love,” “Stand by Me” and “Rollin’ on a River.” Members are Barbara Hawkins, Rosa Hawkins (original members) and Athelgra Neville Gabrielle. They also sang “God Bless America” as a tribute to our troops and our country.


Next up was Nedra Talley Ross, (below) an original member of the Ronettes, with her daughter Heather singing back up with 2 other singers. Nedra talked about being a grandmother and being married 40 years. She also fondly remembered being inducted in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in Wildwood two years ago and how her voice is much stronger since recovering from open-heart surgery. They took us back to “Walkin’ in the Rain,” and “Be My Baby.”


Then the Shirelles (below) took the stage with original member Beverly Lee who has been performing for 50 years! They sang “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” “Mama Said,” “Soldier Boy” and “Johnny Be Good.” Beverly said she has deep faith and believes in the power of prayer as experienced in her own life. It was truly astounding to see Beverly dance with the energy of a fifteen year old. She was truly inspiring and said she is energized when she gets on stage.


Mary Wilson (below) of the Supremes lit the stage with 5 of the Supreme hits, including “Love Child,” “My World is Empty Without You,” “ Reflections,” “Baby Love” and had members of the audience come up on stage to help her sing “Stop” in the name of love! It was a lot of fun to see her interact with the audience up on stage.


In the finale all the performers joined in for “Dancin’ in the Streets” to the delight of everyone. Then they all went down and signed autographs, took pictures and talked with the audience which made the night extra special.


It was great being a part of the Doo Wop craze in Wildwood with the Doo Wop museum across the street from the Convention Center and all the work to keep the music of the 60s alive and well. Don’t miss the next time you have an opportunity to see these living legends up close in Wildwood!


I especially enjoyed seeing Nedra of the Ronettes, her husband Scott and daughter Heather after the show. We have been friends for a long time when they lived in the area and stayed with us in the summer of 83 before they bought their house in Northfield. They have since moved on to Virginia Beach and Scott works for Christian Broadcasting Network. Nedra’s mother, aunt and brother were in the audience as well!




Last Updated ( Jul 11, 2007 at 11:06 AM )
Crabs at the Lobster House: Finger-lickin' Good!
Written by Jennifer Palermo   
Jul 16, 2007 at 12:58 PM

Crabs at the Lobster House: Finger-lickin' Good!


You must get down to the docks of the Lobster House in Cape May, New Jersey before the summer is over. If you can go during the week it might not be as crowded, but there is a reason they are so crowded- the best seafood in the area! So plan on a relaxing evening, no rush and take a deep breath of the fresh salt air with friends. A recipe for success! We had a great time last Thursday night sitting out on the dock picking crabs, enjoying u-peel shrimp, steamed little neck clams and New England Clam Chowder from the Lobster House’s Raw Bar. You can also drink beer on tap or a glass of wine as well as sodas. They also serve steamed live lobsters and much, much more.


On a Thursday night, many of the fishing boats were in to bring their fresh seafood for the weekend. I spoke to one of the guys from one of the boats. He said they go out for about 7 – 10 days and he goes for scallops. It is wonderful to be able to see right where they bring in the seafood to market.


We shared a dozen crabs and opted for the medium size. Although they were fabulous, next time I would recommend the large size which is $48. With the large you will get more crab for all the work you do. A dozen medium were cheaper at $25. Your call. My husband said they were the best crabs he ever had and loved the spicy seasonings! It reminded us of the Saturday nights when we were dating and his parents would serve steamed crabs or shrimp every weekend!


We stopped by the fish market on the way home for some of their Manhattan Clam Chowder and Clams Casino. They sell everything from salmon to Oyster’s Rockefeller to cook at home. A real bargain! They also have a take-out menu that you can take around back to sit on the docks and eat.


It takes about a half hour from northern Cape May County and is worth the drive - hands down. The Lobster House is at the foot of the bridge going into Cape May on the left! Also go on a guided tour of the Fisherman’s Wharf at the Lobster House at 11am $6 Adults $3 Children 3 – 12 For dates call 884-5404 Tickets at Dock 15 min before tour.

PS: I do not recommend ever eating raw seafood, because it can carry deadly bacteria. My mother almost died about 15 years ago from eating raw clams and a dear friend, Mayor Suzanne Walter's of Stone Harbor's husband died from eating raw oysters in Key West so please be warned!

The Lobster House

Cape May, NJ 609 884-8296 

Last Updated ( Jul 16, 2007 at 01:58 PM )
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